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Let Me Know (Sample-Aaliyah-At Your Best) (Produced by BamBeeno)



If your grew up with me, spent most of my life with me. You knowwww how much I was in love with Aaliyah. I remember seeing her first video “Back and Forth” and I was a youngin thinking, damn, she cute as fuck. Then her next single dropped “At Your Best”… and thats when I fell in love, very same reason why I chose this track. I was watching that video thinking I just seen an angel. From then on everything was Aaliyah. Even all my girlfriends growing up had lots of similarities to her. I was low key trying to find “Aaliyah” lol.

Last weekend I was thinkin bout her and started thinkin bout her death anniversary. I told myself, I’m going to flip “At Your Best” and release it for her. I’m not here trying to make money off of her, just here to do it for HER, and have her music live on. its crazy cause this is not my first time “trying” to flip this track. Ive been trying to flip this track since I started making beats back in 06 LOL. I’m already my hardest critic, and its Aaliyah. I have to do it justice. I have so many different versions, so many different flips, of this track. It’s crazy cause none of the beats sound alike. Well here is the version I did this past week for her death Anniversary. #RIP Aaliyah

NOTE TO Aaliyah - I really do wish you were still here. I love you and I Miss You




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