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LOGO designed by the great @andrewmanalo #logo #design #bambeeno #music #beats #production

LOGO designed by the great @andrewmanalo #logo #design #bambeeno #music #beats #production

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A lil quick sneak peak of the record I produced for my brotha @lifestylemusiq “Let It Go” … More to come #workin #studio #lifestyle #letitgo #bambeeno #hiphop #music #rap

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Download the 7AM MIXTAPE by Bambeeno and Kixxie Siete HERE. (Featuring Bambu, Thurzday, and Rey Resurreccion)

Download the 7AM MIXTAPE by Bambeeno and Kixxie Siete HERE. (Featuring Bambu, Thurzday, and Rey Resurreccion)

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We paid a visit to Bambeeno, one of our producers in the collective, last night. Between his clothing endorsement, the upcoming projects with Kixxie Siete and Twelve Bar he has in queue, the personal mixtape he is detailing, and the important meetings scheduled for the remainder of the week, we all had to get on the same page. Get hip!

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7AM Preview (Behind The Scenes) BamBeeno & Kixxie Siete 

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Come and Support special Charity…

6801 Hollywood BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90028

Special Performance by John West

All proceeds go to Japan Relief


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Pro - Better Friend (Prod. BamBeeno)


#BamBeenoSundays @thetruepro - Better Friend (Prod. @BamBeeno)


Very Heartfelt track by the homie @thetruepro

Just listenin to the track, and hearing his voice, u know dat those words he spit, he means it, and it came straight from his heart. I didn’t wanna mix his voice too much cuz i wanted everyone to really hear him… Simple track, but i think @thetruepro made it come to life.

Cover art by my lil brother @Andr3wmanalo

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NEW “BamBeeno Logo”
Logo done by my lil bro @Andr3wManalo, this dude just gets better and better i swear.

NEW “BamBeeno Logo”

Logo done by my lil bro @Andr3wManalo, this dude just gets better and better i swear.

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Yancy Deron feat. Donnie Jones - Rock & Roll Star (Prod. BamBeeno)

Yancy Deron feat. Donnie Jones

#BamBeenoSundays @YancyDeron feat. @Dnass10 - Rock & Roll Star (Prod. @BamBeeno)


A track I made with the homie @YancyDeron featuring @Dnass10 awhile back… still a banger…

Actually one of my favorite beats I ever made… not cuz the actual beat, cuz i didnt flip the sample like crazy… but cuz the meaning of the beat while i was workin on it.  hope yall like it.

Once again… cover art done by @andr3wmanalo

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#BamBeenoSundays - Free Beat / Instrumental

I’ve been gettin a lot of people hittin me up trying to work with me, whether thru collabin or buying a beat. So I’m gonna try something new this Sunday. I’m giving a free beat away on here. So all of you out there can show me what you got. Here are the instructions

  1. Download the beat - DOWNLOAD
  2. Write to the instrumental 
  3. Upload the track or video (youtube, hulkshare, limelinx, usershare, etc.)
  4. Send the link to @JayLightEmUp or @Andr3wManalo or email your submission to

Send your submissions by 9/24/11. From there we will put all the tracks/vids together and find the best one. From there it will be included on the new mixtape I’m releasing which will consist of various artists I worked with and tracks I produced. Well there u go… hope I get some sick submissions and good luck.

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#BamBeenoSundays - @YoungKnoxMusic “Set In Stone” - Official Music Video by (J-Media @jasonespat)

Music video for the track (Set In Stone) me and Knox did


Director: Jason Espat, Young Knox, Aktivated Muzik 2011 (From the Forth Coming Mixtape Release Cigarillo Symphonies, Editor: Eric Herbert, Lighting Technician: Tim Brooks

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Young Knox - Set In Stone (Prod. BamBeeno)

Young Knox

#BamBeenoSundays @YoungKnoxMusic - Set In Stone (Prod. @BamBeeno)


Did dis track with the homie Knox for his #Cigarillo mixtape… dat boy on his hustle… Spoke to him earlier… video should be coming soon too.. i’m guessin by next weekend.

Blessed with the artwork by @Andr3wmanalo

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Bad Ass Mofos Cartoon by James Jaculina - Music by me @BamBeeno

so I typed my name in youtube and found dis cartoon dat da homie James Jaculina and he asked me to do the music back in like 2007-08… and so I did it… He released the cartoon to some festival.

After watching this… listening to my music from back then to now… huggeee improvement… I should look more in to doin some more Soundtrack music for TV and Films…

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Profecy - Eastside (Prod. BamBeeno)



@youngprofecy - Eastside (Prod. @BamBeeno) - DOWNLOAD

new track i recorded the other day with new young talent… Profecy aka Tim West…

He got mad potential…

Coverart dat @Andr3wmanalo did while out of town…. Stay workinn….