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#INEEDTHIS - Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 3

U know imma need this game

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#INEEDTHIS - Animoog for the Apple IPad

One of the many reasons why I need an IPad, :)

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#INEEDTHIS - Moog Keyboard on IPad

OMG I Need a Ipad…

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#INEEDTHIS - 2K Sports NBA 2K12 - The Greatest Trailer

This game is gonna be sooo official. Prolly gonna be the best basketball video game of all time.

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#INEEDTHIS - UFC Undisputed 3

This shit looks ill as fuckkk… gotta cop dis

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#INEEDTHIS - Alesis iO Dock Pro Audio Dock for iPad 1 or 2

This is the main reason why  I want a IPad in the first place… I’m just tryin to create the best portable studio :)

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#INEEDTHIS - Native Instruments Komplete 7

I fucks with Native Instruments cuz i loveee my “Maschine”, Komplete has been out for a min now. But I always wanted it cuz its basically unlimited instruments… Gotta hav this part of my set up….

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The covers for NBA 2K12 are fire… Greatest Player Ever, Greatest Passer Ever, and Greatest Shooter Ever…. Wow…

Just wish they used a different pic of MJ (with his signature kiss the rim dunk or something)

Still ill as fuck tho… can’t wait til the game come out (OCT. 4th)… of course gonna cop the Jordan cover.

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#INEEDTHIS - Skullcandy X Jordan Brand - Air Jordan III (3) Retro White/Cement Headphone Pack

wowww how did I not hear about this limited edition package… I think this came out already but fuck this is so ill… hope they come out or re-release them but this shit is straight fire… SMH

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#INEEDTHIS - Solid State Logic Matrix

This would be in my dream studio… runs for about $20k smh. Thats still a lot cheaper than most SSL Boards.

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#INEEDTHIS Damn I want these Jordans to come out again

#INEEDTHIS Damn I want these Jordans to come out again

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#INEEDTHIS - Apple IPad 2 or IPad 3 (heard its comin out soon)

Aiite my boys and cuzins got me kinda goin with instagram, makes me really wanna get the IPad now… i really wanted it cuz the music making apps. cuz them shits is fire. But i dont wanna change to the iphone. nothing against the iphone, but i need my QUERTY keyboard and i dont use dat many apps on my fone. Rather hava IPad…. :)

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#INEEDTHIS - Air Jordan XI Package - White/Black/Concord & White/Carolina/Black

If you actually really know me. You know imma major Michael Jordan fan and if you kicked it with me, you should know I collect Js, not cuz imma sneaker head, cuz imma Jordan Fan. 

But damn, this is prolly the best fucking Jordan Package ever. Just cuz the white and black 11s. I wanna be buried in those. My favorite pair of jordans EVER. and the carolina ones… i needa new pair, my pair turned yellow. SMH.

But this package comes out in December. Im guessin its gonna run for $300-$375. Just in time for my BDAY. haha… so if anyone wanna b generous and cop me these for my bday. :) haha

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Damn I want these headphones reallllll bad. If anyone out there wanna be generous and cop me these, you’d be the freshest person in the world and get the #1 Favorite Person in my book. LMAO. Retail - $599.95 <—- Really? SMH, but I think you can get it at Best Buy or Amazon for the $499.99 but still pricey as fuck… but superr swag.

BTW imma try to start a lil thing called #INEEDTHIS on my Tumblr consisting of shit dat I want… :) u kno somemore shit to blog bout haha

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#INEEDTHIS - BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 - Also Known as the Bold Touch

I kno people hate the blackberry. But i still fucks with blackberry, yeah I kno its missing the apps the droids and iphone got. But all the apps I actually use, blackberry got. So I’m straight with dat and I love the BB keyboards… 

This new Bold go to me… So responsive… :)