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Inside “Magna Carta Holy Grail” with JAY Z + Samsung

Preview to Jay-z new album… dis video preview is illll asss fuckk…

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Download the 7AM MIXTAPE by Bambeeno and Kixxie Siete HERE. (Featuring Bambu, Thurzday, and Rey Resurreccion)

Download the 7AM MIXTAPE by Bambeeno and Kixxie Siete HERE. (Featuring Bambu, Thurzday, and Rey Resurreccion)

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We paid a visit to Bambeeno, one of our producers in the collective, last night. Between his clothing endorsement, the upcoming projects with Kixxie Siete and Twelve Bar he has in queue, the personal mixtape he is detailing, and the important meetings scheduled for the remainder of the week, we all had to get on the same page. Get hip!

BAMBEENO Tumblr | Twitter

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Fuckin hilarious LMAO


Planks On Planks! Racks on Racks parody. Lmao!

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J. Cole - Lost Ones (Official Music Video)


This is true relevant Hip-Hop at its best.  Most Hip-Hop artist out today lost touch with real issues in our society.  J. Cole has in many ways revisited the true nature of Hip-Hop and re birthed the storyteller Hip-Hop used to be.

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J. Cole - Lost Ones Music Video.

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@9thwondermusic - The Wonder Year Trailer

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Yancy Deron feat. Donnie Jones - Rock & Roll Star (Prod. BamBeeno)

Yancy Deron feat. Donnie Jones

#BamBeenoSundays @YancyDeron feat. @Dnass10 - Rock & Roll Star (Prod. @BamBeeno)


A track I made with the homie @YancyDeron featuring @Dnass10 awhile back… still a banger…

Actually one of my favorite beats I ever made… not cuz the actual beat, cuz i didnt flip the sample like crazy… but cuz the meaning of the beat while i was workin on it.  hope yall like it.

Once again… cover art done by @andr3wmanalo

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Just Blaze presents RED STADIUM/STADIUM RED Studio. 

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Beat Kings - The Producers

One of the dopest documentaries on music production…  ”The Beat Kings - The History of Hip Hop" in dis video they introduce some of the producers in the documentary. Pretty Old but still dope… They need to make a new one lol.

If you wanna watch the whole documentary… here’s it is in 5 parts…. thanks to postman778

PART 1  /  PART 2  /  PART 3  /  PART 4  /  PART 5

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Young Knox - Set In Stone (Prod. BamBeeno)

Young Knox

#BamBeenoSundays @YoungKnoxMusic - Set In Stone (Prod. @BamBeeno)


Did dis track with the homie Knox for his #Cigarillo mixtape… dat boy on his hustle… Spoke to him earlier… video should be coming soon too.. i’m guessin by next weekend.

Blessed with the artwork by @Andr3wmanalo

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Profecy - Eastside (Prod. BamBeeno)



@youngprofecy - Eastside (Prod. @BamBeeno) - DOWNLOAD

new track i recorded the other day with new young talent… Profecy aka Tim West…

He got mad potential…

Coverart dat @Andr3wmanalo did while out of town…. Stay workinn….

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Hodgy Beats - I'm Hot (Prod. BamBeeno)

Hodgy Beats

#BamBeenoSundays @KILLHodgy - I’m Hot (Prod. @BamBeeno)


Here is another track I produced for Hodgy awhile back… and of course cover art done again by @Andr3wmanalo

Hope yall like it…

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Young Life feat. Florido - Star

Young Life feat. Florido

#BamBeenoSundays @younglifemusic - “Star” feat. @florid0DOWNLOAD

and of course produced by me @bambeeno

Here is prolly the first track of many with my boy @younglifemusic … So look forward to those tracks :)

and once again artwork done by my lil brother @Andr3wmanalo

P.S. I do wish it was longer haha…